Fast Track Cabs- Radio Cab Services in Delhi,Gurgaon,Noida

About Us:

Demand for radio cabs is soaring in the metros. Thus seeing the demand and benefit of the customers we have come with the solution and launched a Fast track cabs. As the name implies our Fast Track Cab is fast in all its major aspects giving the minimum waiting time to it’s customers. In its competitive market where all the companies primary concern is for the profitable venture, ours primary mission is to see the social point of view that is first the customer satisfaction. assures a convenient and comfort journey to it’s customers. Our mission is to give you a safe and comfortable journey with economic transport and provide you the facility ON Time. We provide 24X7 facility to the customers.


There is no hidden fact that the demand for the radio cabs is increasing in years, this increasing number of radio taxis is hard to miss by anyone. The business is evolving in major cities across India like Delhi and it’s NCR regions, Pune, Bangalore etc. making travelling easy, convenient and safe to its customers. Days are not far when we can see its growth in small cities too. Thus seeing the demand and benefit of the customers we have come with the solution and launched a Fast track cabs.

Before coming into the market we have done a detailed market study and research from the customers and cabs drivers point of view so that our customers and chauffeurs both gets the sense of satisfaction whenever they hear FAST TRACK CABS name. We have done an in depth understanding of radio taxi services market, have also done primary research through interviews at various location with the taxi drivers and customers and as well as secondary research through newspapers, databases so that when our service provider comes in this competitive market our main focus should always be on the customer satisfaction so that once travelled the customer becomes a registered member that he doesn’t have to rely on any other services.

As todays in this competitive market, many radio cabs service providers are facing many obstacles and problems but in this race it’s the customers that is affected, as the business has to survive and also has to run in a profitable state so the customer satisfaction and the challenges faced by customers has taken a back seat. But we can assure and give the surety that whenever a comfortable, elegant, safe journey with an affordable price are required FAST TRACK CABS is just a call away. We are available Anytime Anywhere in Delhi NCR regions.

There are very many problems faced by the cabs service providers from different points of view, when we see from technical side: there is a long queue for the telephonic booking, tracking failure during the middle of the journey, device failure. Now let’s see from the different perspective there are some companies that operate on across the world, which include not letting out the cabs on flat rates, having the right technology, etc. Making Compromises on these major issues leads to many drawbacks and problems such as safety and security issues that arises doubts in the customers mind. After all the safety should always be the primary concern for every business. Other major concerns are like when call done for booking the attitude and service provided by the phone representative; many service providers have the wrong conception of making fake commitments if they have to exist in the market.

Seeing the challenges faced by customers and drivers we have tried to overcome all the challenges and obstacles and have come up with the most reliable CABS SERVICE i.e "FAST TRACK CABS" which will make you reach your destination safely.
 As the name implies our Fast Track Cab is fast in all its major aspects giving the minimum waiting time to the customers. We understand the efficient movement of people to airport, meeting or social engagement is critical. Your Fast Track Cabs has ‘Can do’ mindsets that manage our business and will always be responsive to our client requirements.
After booking is done, Leave It To Us… Your problem becomes ours. Now it’s our turn to perform the duty that satisfies our customers. The FAST TRACK CABS always believes and is faithful to our core business values and commitments and understands the motto of success that depends on capabilities and diversity of employees, drivers and it’s clients, and always implement to the customers feedback.

Needless, to say that the customers feedback is the most crucial and vital thing for any business to run and to implement the suggestions and problems should always be the concern for any business. After all this service provider is launched for the benefit of the customers. But going through the market records the Feedback has taken a back seat, though most of the radio cabs services have a record of customer’s feedback but without any reaction to the same.
Fast Track Cabs gives the assurance all the feedback should always be taken into account and within minutes of it the action will be taken on it. As we have always mentioned we’ll always be responsive to our client’s requirements. Besides, customers surf the net and give any feedback to us we have also decided to make a call to our customers just a few minutes before reaching the destination to get the feedback about the journey, etiquettes and any complaints/ suggestion from their side so that it is implemented within minutes.

FAST TRACK CABS work to understand the customers changing needs with the change of time and to deliver the best with good values imbibed in it and the competitive service that is safe, professional and efficient.